Turkish Cypriot politicians and journalists assess the results of the parliamentary elections in Turkey

Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes (13.06.11) reports that Irsen Kucuk, self-styled prime minister of the breakaway regime, has said that Cyprus had always been an above party issue for Turkey and no election result ever changed Turkey’s point of view on Cyprus. In statements during a ceremony at a football club, Kucuk noted that the results of the elections in Turkey yesterday were not a surprise and congratulated Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) victory. He added that Erdogan is expected to officially visit the occupied area of Cyprus this year, but the date of the visit has not been determined yet.

Meanwhile, under the title: “Different expectations”, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (14.06.11) refers to the expectations of the Turkish Cypriot political parties from the new Erdogan government. The paper reports that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), the Social Democracy Party (TDP) and the Democratic Party (DP) want a revision of the “package of economic measures”. On the other hand, the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Freedom and Reform Party (ORP) support the continuation of Turkey’s aid.

Ertugrul Hasipoglu, UBP’s general secretary, said that the good relations of Turkey with the breakaway regime will continue during the new AKP period, that Prime Minister Erdogan always states that Cyprus is a national cause for Turkey and that no change will happen in their relations. He noted that the economic package and the cooperation “protocol” have been prepared by technocrats in Turkey and the occupied part of Cyprus and possible problems could be discussed with the “motherland”.

Ozkan Yorgancioglu, chairman of the CTP, said that the new Turkish government should revise the “protocol” taking into consideration the interests of the Turkish Cypriot “people”. He noted that measures should be taken for the economic restructuring of the breakaway regime and pointed out to the importance of the Turkish Cypriots and their political will being “more active” in the formation of the above policies.

Mehmet Cakici, chairman of the TDP, said that the correct policies of the AKP won the elections and added that this victory will not bring any change on the issue of the economic package for the occupied area of Cyprus.

Serdar Denktas, chairman of the DP, said that the Turkish Cypriots should first agree among them what they will want from Turkey. He argued that what will happen in the occupied area of Cyprus from now on depends on the stance of the Turkish Cypriots.

Turgay Avci, chairman of the ORP, said that Turkey, because of its stability, will become economically stronger and a more respectable state in the world. He argued that the “TRNC”, breakaway regime in occupied Cyprus, will also become stronger in this process and its infrastructure will be supported with more projects. Avci expressed the belief that, like in 2004, the AKP will support towards the solution in Cyprus to be reached by the end of the year. He argued that the “opening of the Turkish Cypriots to the world” will be the new alternative in case the “intransigent stance” of the Greek Cypriot side continues. He said the demand of the breakaway regime from Turkey could be stronger support to tourism and higher education sectors so that a sustainable economy is created, and making “more respectable” the regime’s position in the world.

Moreover, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (14.06.11) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, the self-styled prime minister Irsen Kucuk and the chairman of the ORP. Turgay Avci have sent congratulating messages to Recep Tayyip Erdogan for AKP’s victory in the elections. In his message, Eroglu expressed the belief that the election result in Turkey will contribute to promoting the “friendly and brotherly relations” between Turkey and the breakaway regime, and benefit the region and the world.

Furthermore, in a statement commenting on the result of the elections in Turkey, Izzet Izcan, general secretary of the United Cyprus Party (BKP), said that the AKP government should behave sincerely and consistently as regards the Cyprus problem and it should stop using Cyprus as a trump card for bargaining.

Meanwhile, in statements to Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris (14.06.11), Ozkan Yorgancioglu, chairman of the CTP, said he wants to see the new Turkish government to be “more aggressive” on the issue of the solution of the Cyprus problem. He noted that there could be an initiative on the issue of the opening of the Turkish ports to Cyprus ships.

In statements to the same paper, Mehmet Cakici, chairman of the TDP, said that the same policy will continue in Cyprus, because the same party continues to be in power in Turkey. He argued that days of confusion lie ahead for the breakaway regime as long as the practices regarding the economic package continue.

Columnist Ahmet Tolgay comments on the election results in Turkey in his column in daily Kibris (14.06.11) and writes that the results were not a surprise. He says that Erdogan is considered to “have taken a visa” to become President of the Republic in Turkey. “We could perceive him from now as the future President of the Republic of Turkey”, he notes. He said that Erdogan’s speech after the AKP’s victory was more moderate than his speeches during the pre-election period and showed a tendency of amending the Constitution through consensus with the other political parties.

Columnist Aysu Basri Akter writes in her column in daily Yeni Duzen (13.06.11) that from now on Turkey will be “Erdogan’s Turkey”. She notes that Erdogan will do whatever he wants on issues such as the constitutional amendment, the presidential system and the presidency of the Republic.

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