Reactions to the transfer of Turkish Cypriot football players to Greek Cypriot teams

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (15.06.11) reports on the reactions created after the discussions of Mustafa Yasinses, a Turkish Cypriot football player of the occupied Omorfita team, for transfer to the Greek Cypriot ALKI football team. However, according to the paper, Yasinsen is bound by the regulations of the so-called football federation (“KTFF”) in the occupied area of Cyprus and needs the approval of both his team in the occupied area as well of the “KTFF” in order to be able to be transferred to ALKI.

Likewise, as the paper writes, the goalkeeper of the occupied Lefke football team Mehmet Ozeralp, who holds contacts with a Greek Cypriot football team, will have to take the permission of the Lekfe football club and the so-called football federation.

Furthermore, Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan (15.06.11) reports on the reactions created by the management of occupied Omorfita football team against the agreement of Yasinses with the ALKI football team. As the chairman of the occupied Omorfita football club Ali Basman, stated, he was unaware of the meeting of Yasinses with ALKI, adding that Yasinses asked permission for discussions only with teams of the Maltese league. Basman said that after they were informed about the meeting of Yasinses with ALKI, they called him and indicated to him that he has to stop trying being transferred to the Greek Cypriot league, noting that this is a wrong step to be taken. Basman stated that they do not have a positive look towards the issue, adding that they will not give the permission for the transfer. He said: “The last decision is on Yasinses. The directions are clear; if he goes without permission, he will not be able to play football in our country.”

In addition, speaking to reports after the event, Basman confirmed the discussions and added that Yasinses will not be transferred to any Greek Cypriot team, adding that the “south Cyprus chapter” is closed for Mustafa Yasinses.

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