Strong reaction by Serdar Denktas to a statement for the occupation regime to become the 82nd province of TurkeyTurkish Cypriot daily Vatan (07.06.11) reports on statements by Serdar Denktas, chairman of the Democratic Party (DP) who reacted strongly to the statement made yesterday by the Turkish Democracy Vakif that the “TRNC” should become the 82nd province of Turkey if embargoes would not be lifted.

According to information acquired by DP, Denktas made the above statement yesterday while receiving a delegation of the Academic Staff Trade Union of the illegal DAU.

Denktas in his statements said: “The TRNC has not been established for fun. This state neither would become a province nor will it be patched”. He went on expressing the belief that a conscious “government” will confront with the problems that appear in the “country”.

Referring to the issue of the privatization of the illegal DAU, Denktas asked for the support of the “trade union officials” and said that his party is not possible to remain unresponsive towards this issue. He then called on the “government” to be very careful and added that their reaction will be stronger this time and that they will not wait for this issue to end like the way of the “Turkish Cypriot Airlines”.

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