MORE than €1 million was scammed off web users in Cyprus by an international operation that has now been closed down by the FBI.

Over a three-year period, the scammers also stole more than €52 million ($72m) internationally by selling fake security software.

In Cyprus, police uncovered six different bank accounts used by the scammers in three banks.

Cyprus police were assisting the FBI as part of Operation Trident Tribunal.

About one million people were tricked into downloading antivirus software at a cost of about €91 ($129).

The scammers would initially trick computer users into infecting their computers with the malicious software.

The fraud victims were then harassed with continuous pop-ups prompting them to buy a supposed anti-virus programme to fix their non-existent problems.

The FBI announced on Wednesday the seizure of more than 40 computers, servers and bank accounts across 12 countries including the UK, France, Sweden and Lithuania.

The public is advised to avoid buying security products which offer unsolicited ‘free computer scans.’

Source: Cyprus Mail

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