Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou confirmed that Head of the Secretariat of the Cypriot EU Presidency Andreas Moleskis submitted his resignation on Wednesday to President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias, who accepted it.

Stephanou said that the preparative work concerning the EU Cypriot Presidency, during the second half of 2012, has reached an advanced stage, even though much work remains to be done.

He noted that the government will continue to work for a successful Presidency that will enhance the prestige and the reliability of the Republic of Cyprus as an equal EU member state.

Asked when the new Head of the Secretariat will be appointed, Stephanou said that this will be announced as soon as relevant decisions will be taken. He expressed certainty that the Cypriot Presidency will be successful.

In a written statement, Moleskis thanks the President for assigning him the honorable position as Head of the Secretariat of the Cypriot EU Presidency, as well as the Ministries, state services and associates “for the significant work that has been achieved so far in preparing the Cypriot EU Presidency.“

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