Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (28.06.11) reports that “an invaluable plot of land” on which the old Zeyko Oil Factory is built in the occupied Keryneia area, will be leased for a period of 49 years to “Kaya Tourist Installations Titreyengol Hotels” from Turkey.

Mehmet Ali Gurgoz, chairman of the Cooperative Employees Trade Union (KOOP-SEN), issued a statement yesterday noting that they are against the leasing of the above-mentioned plot of land. He said that they found out with concern that this land has been “given away” to Kaya Tourist Installations for 49 years with a “decision” taken by the “council of ministers”, which excluded this land from the scope of the so-called “Housing, Acquiring Land and Property of Equal Value Law 41/1977”. He said KOOP-SEN does not recognize this “decision” taken regarding a property “which belonged to the Turkish Cypriots since 1974” and added that they will launch the necessary “legal” struggle.

Furthermore, Kibris publishes statements by self-styled minister of internal affairs and local administrations Nazim Cavusoglu, who confirmed that they leased the land for 49 years so that a five-star tourist installation is built on it. He said that they have not signed the contract yet.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika (28.06.11) refers to the issue on its front-page under the banner title: “Zeyko to Artemis”. Afrika writes that the 43-donum land (Tr. Note: Donum is a land measure of 1000 square meters) is leased to the owners of Kaya Artemis Hotel, which is located in occupied Vokolida area. “As things are going, nothing will remain in the hands of the Turkish Cypriots”, notes Afrika.

Finally, Turkish Cypriot Yeni Duzen (28.06.11) refers to the same issue under the title: “They gave away Zeyko as well” and reports that the above-mentioned land is located at the coast of occupied Agios Epiktitos village. The paper recalls that it had reported on 15 June 2011 that during a meeting last week the “council of ministers” decided to lease the land to the Turkish company for 49 years.

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