An annual increase of 3.7% in the arrival of tourists in May 2011 was recorded, according to the Passengers Survey issued by the Statistical Service of the Republic.

It said arrivals of tourists reached 267.487 in May 2011 compared to 258.014 in May 2010, recording an increase of 3.7%. An increase of 47.4% was recorded in tourist arrivals from Russia (from 27,668 in May 2010 to 40,772 in May 2011) and 14.2% increase from Greece (from 10.524 to 12.016 this year).

For the period January – May 2011 arrivals of tourists totalled 672.951 compared to 602.678 in the corresponding period of 2010, recording an increase of 11.7%

Star Award

Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou said Friday that the continued presentation of Cyprus with the “Star Performer” Award since 2005 is very important for the island’s economy.

Speaking to the Press after Friday’s cabinet meeting, Stephanou said Cyprus’ bathing water quality is the highest in Europe, according to the Environment Agency (EEA).

Cyprus, he said, was the star performer, with 100% of its bathing water sites meeting strict guide values. The results are from the annual Bathing Water Report from the EEA and the European Commission, which compare water quality in more than 21,000 coastal and inland bathing sites across the EU-27.

He said this performance was the result of hard and continued work and praised the Environment Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, which has the overall responsibility to implement the directive. He also congratulated the Health Services, the State Laboratory, local authorities and civil societies for cooperating in implementing the aims.


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