The United Nations have invested much in the negotiations for a Cyprus settlement and do not wish to waste that investment, the UN Secretary General`s Special Adviser on Cyprus Alexander Downer said, adding that the process is taking longer than they would have hoped but nevertheless it has not stalled.

Speaking after a meeting with President Demetris Christofias, Downer pointed out the significance of the meeting on July 7 in Geneva between the UN Secretary General and the leaders of the two communities, noting that it would not be the end of the process but the aim was to breathe life into the negotiations.

Asked about this second meeting with the President ahead of the Geneva meeting, Downer said that “we are talking about a variety of things, not just about the Geneva meeting but the negotiations themselves.“

“There is a meeting of the leaders this Thursday, and this afternoon and I think on Friday the representatives are meeting, so obviously it is important that we talk about that and obviously a range of other issues, but certainly we touch on the question of the meeting on July 7 and everybody is working on how we can make this meeting a successful and productive meeting and help us chart the way forward,“ he said.

Asked if he had a better view now about what the two sides would like, Downer said he has “a pretty good view“ and that he has spoken with both sides several times “about many issues and I have also taken the opportunity to discuss this issue of the meeting on July 7 in Geneva, and obviously I have talked with New York about it as well.“

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