Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan (25.06.11) reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu met yesterday with a delegation of the executive board of the Bar of Adana, headed by its chairman Aziz Erbek.

Speaking during the meeting, Eroglu referred to the importance of the cooperation that exists between the “Turkish Cypriot Bar Association” and the Adana Bar Association and pointed out that their relations with Turkey are always sincere and friendly.

Referring to the ongoing negotiation process, Eroglu stressed the need for both sides to be willing in order for a solution to be found. He then said that Turkish Cypriot’s will for a solution is much more than that of the Greek Cypriot’s.

Referring to the realities of the past, Eroglu said that they should take lessons from the realities of the past, adding that they should also not ignore the realities of the present.

Moreover, Turkish Cypriot daily Vatan (26.06.11) reports on statements by Dervis Eroglu who participated at the 34th Morfou Orange Festival.

In his statements during the festival, Eroglu accused the Greek Cypriot side for misleading the EU and for not being the side that it wishes for an agreement to be found.

Saying that 37 years have passed from the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus, Eroglu argued that during that time, the Turkish Cypriots were always in favour of the solution while the Greek Cypriot side was always following an intransigent attitude. Eroglu brought as an example the Annan Plan and said that although it was the Turkish Cypriot side which approved the Annan Plan, it was also the side which was accused and punished.

Referring to the 1974 Turkish Invasion in Cyprus, Eroglu said that the 15th of July coup was the invitation card for the Turkish Armed Forces and added that the “Turkish Armed Forces in Cyprus brought the democracy to Greece and the Greek Cypriots and saved the Turkish Cypriots from the massacre and further brought the independence and freedom to the Turkish Cypriots.”

Referring to the Geneva tripartite meeting, he called on the UN Secretary General to clarify his attitude after the meeting, especially in the case that no solution is found.

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