Eroglu said that the UNSG will make certain decisions at the Geneva Summit

According to illegal Bayrak television (online, 13.06.11), during a visit, Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu announced that he believes the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will be making certain decisions during the Geneva summit which is scheduled for the 7th of July.

Eroglu also said that he is searching for a solution that will secure the future of the Turkish Cypriots and pointed to the importance of finding a viable solution.

Recalling that the Turkish Cypriot side has put forward many proposals at the Cyprus negotiations process, Eroglu claimed that “the Greek Cypriot administration [the Government of the Republic of Cyprus] was acting extremely passively during the talks being a recognized country and a unilateral member of the EU”, illegal BRT reports.

Alleging that the Greek Cypriot side was under the belief that the Turkish Cypriot side will eventually make concessions for not being a recognized country and under “embargoes”, Eroglu said the Greek Cypriot side insisted on waiting for the outcome of the elections in Turkey in the hope that the outcome would be in favour of them.

“If you take into consideration the interest of the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey, it is not possible to say yes to everything the Greek Cypriots want but if the Greek Cypriot side is serious about finding a solution to the Cyprus problem, then it is possible to find an agreement”, said Eroglu.

According to illegal BRT, Eroglu said everything depends on intentions, if there is no intention to find a solution then it is not possible, adding that “if they are playing for time in the hope that we will yield to their desires, this will not benefit the Cyprus talks or the two sides”.

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