Cakici accuses the breakaway regime of racism in the field of education and of dealing a blow to the efforts for finding a solution in CyprusTurkish Cypriot daily Ortam (16.06.11) reports that Mehmet Cakici, chairman of the Social Democracy Party (TDP), has said that the National Unity Party (UBP) “government” exhibits racist and discriminatory behaviour in the field of education, as it does in many other sectors.

In a statement yesterday, Cakici noted that only as racism and discrimination he could describe the fact that the Turkish Cypriot students studying in international schools in the free area of Cyprus, such as the English School and the American Academy, are not given the right to enter into universities in Turkey with their GCE A level exams. Cakici said that punishing these students in this manner is unacceptable and contrary to human rights.

Cakici pointed out that the children and some relatives of the Turkish Cypriot leader Eroglu and some UBP “ministers” and “deputies” benefited from the passport of the Republic of Cyprus in order to be able to study cheaply. He added that the universities in Turkey accept Greek Cypriot students who studied in the colleges of the government-controlled area of Cyprus and wondered what purpose is served by not giving this right to the Turkish Cypriots who study in the free area of the Republic of Cyprus.

Cakici also criticized the statement made recently by the self-styled minister of education Kemal Durust that “Turkey is free not to accept those who study in a country which it does not recognize”. He noted that Durust’s statement is not in harmony with the truth. He added: “If Turkey does not recognize the Republic of Cyprus, why sport clubs from Turkey play official matches with teams of a country they do not recognize? Why does Turkey permit trade? Why are MPs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) visiting south Cyprus? Why the flag of the Republic of Cyprus is hoisted on official buildings?”

Cakici argued that the decision regarding not permitting to Turkish Cypriot students studying in the free area of Cyprus to enter into Turkish universities with their GCE A level exams will harm Turkey’s relations with the EU.

Noting that this decision deals a blow to the efforts for finding a solution in Cyprus, Cakici concluded: “On the one hand you will talk about solution and peace and on the other you will pose obstacles in practice. It is not possible for us to understand and approve this”.

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