“Under the above title, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris (16.06.11) publishes an interview with the chairman of the Democratic Party Serdar Denktas. The paper reports that Denktas said that in the coming period relations between Turkey and the “TRNC” will experience a drawback. He said that there is a danger the Turkish Cypriots to distance themselves from Turkey, if Turkey continues to send aid instead of opening up its market for the “TRNC.”

Denktas claimed that the future of the “TRNC” could shape up if Turkey’s market opened for them, therefore the Turks have no right to taunt the Turkish Cypriots regarding Turkey’s aid to “TRNC’s” budget. “If however they open it and we cannot manage again, then they will have the right,” he said. He also argued that the implemented package of measures is not appropriate for them, because the experts that prepared it have not taken into consideration that they are under “embargo,” that Turkey does not open its market and that there is lack of balance in the prices between the occupied part and the free area.

Moreover, Denktas criticized the UBP “government” and sees that within this year there will be early elections. He placed the breaking point of the current “government” around October, based on previous statements by Cemil Cicek that “in October the TRNC bankrupts”.

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