On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, the Cypriot House of Representatives stressed Thursday its commitment to the achievement of a just, viable and functional solution of the Cyprus problem.

“In a free and reunified Cyprus, the right to return should be safeguarded as a fundamental human right, as of course all human rights and basic freedoms for all Cypriots“, Acting President of the House of Representatives, Sophoclis Fyttis, told the House Plenary Thursday.

Referring to the solution of the Cyprus problem, Fyttis said it should be based on the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, the international law, the EU values and principles, as well as the High Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979.

“On the occassion of the World Refugee Day, we think about the suffering of the refugees of Cyprus, who are kept away from their homes for the last 37 years, as a result of the Turkish invasion and continuous occupation of Cyprus since 1974“, he said.

He reiterated the willingness of the House of Representatives to continue struggling for justice in Cyprus and for the respect of the right of the refugees to return to their homes.

Furthermore, he commented on recent statements by the Turkish Cypriot leadership, which rejected the return of Greek Cypriot refugees to their homes in Kerynia and Morphou, occupied by Turkish troops since the summer of 1974.

“Such statements do not contribute to the achievement of progress in the framework of the Cyprus negotiations. On the contrary, they undermine the talks and jeopardise any slight progress, creating disappointment to those who truly want a solution“, he concluded.

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  1. Zoe Charalambous says:

    The people of Cyprus need a solution that will work. Justice and compensation perhaps are birds we do not hold in our hands. First we need people to be able to just go home. On both sides. Just return. Stop trying to get the whole cake. Settle for the return of the place “refugees” called home. Why can’t everyone just go back home. Trying to get compensation as well seems so distant. Allow people to return, for those that want to…for those that don’t its their choice, and a choice we have to respect.

    Sitting at the border In Ledra Street, as a tourist, I see the tearful faces of those Cypriots that returned, crossed the border for the day trip to view their homes. Visit graves of loved ones. I see the pain that grips them as they looked once again at their homes, desolated, their hearts broken and full of longing. They do not believe they will ever return and until “Return” is a national dream l do not believe they will. We just allow the border that has been erected to stand in front of justice, in front of our rightful return. We believe in it, we fear it, we make a fist at it, some of us refusing to even look to the north. Some of us have written it off. “Return is not an option”.

  2. Antony Nicodemous says:

    Well I feel that soon, if it is not resolved, and if the Turks do not leave that there will come a break-point and we will re enact 1974 to get the Turks out of Turkey. What will the rest of the world then do ? What will all the fellow EU nations and the UN do ? If it doesn’t happen through political process (and soon) we will have to take the bull by the horns and MAKE it happen.

  3. Antony Nicodemous says:

    Ok, it’s early ! I mean ‘Get the Turks out of the occupied area of Cyprus. (Editor please correct).

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