Revenue from tourism in April 2011 climbed by 53.5% on a yearly basis, boosting the tourist revenues for the fist four months of the current year by 23.7%, according to data released by Cyprus` Statistical Service. In the wake of the 43% increase in tourist arrivals in April 2011 year on year, revenue from tourism reached 136.7 million euro in April 2011 compared to 89.0 mn euro recording an increase of 53.5% compared with April 2010. For the period January – April 2011 revenue from tourism is estimated at 269,8 mn euro compared to 218,2 mn euro in the corresponding period of 2010, recording an increase of 23.7%.

Revenue from tourism in March 2011 increased by 1.3%, 8.8% in February and 0.4% in January, compared with the corresponding months of 2010, recording an in increase of 17.7%. Total per capita expenses in April 2011 was at 684.5 euro, compared with 637.6 euro in April 2010, recording an increase of 7.32%, whereas total per day expenditures rose to 73.8 euro, compared with 62.7 euro in April 2010. With regard to Cyprus` main tourists markets, per day expenditures from the UK rose to 59.6 euro from 52.2 euro in April 2010, tourist per day expenditures from Greece reached 63.2 euro from 50.7 euro, per day expenditures of tourists from Germany rose to 79.1 euro from 79.1 euro, while tourists from Russia recorded the highest per day expenditure with 102.8 euro from 92.1 euro.

Per capita expenditures for tourists from UK in April 2011 increased to 0.96% to 630.4 euro compared with 624.4 euro in April 2012, per capita expenditure for Greek tourists rose by 15.22% to 460.2 euro from 399.4 euro, per capita expenditures from German tourists rose by 1.8% to 731.5 euro from 718.7 euro and expenditures from Russian tourists increased by 18.5% to 916.7 euro in April 2011 from 773.6 euro in April 2010.


  1. Cyprus Expat says:

    I think that the coincidence of the 2 Easters combining, had something to do with the increase.

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