Tourism in Cyprus presents an encouraging image in 2011, according to the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Antonis Paschalides.
Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA), Paschalides referred to an increase in arrivals from Russia, Germany and the UK, indicating that 2011 will reverse the situation as far as tourist arrivals are concerned.

He pointed out however that now attention should be paid to the upcoming winter season, as improving seasonality is an important goal for tourism in Cyprus, and added that the Ministry’s concrete actions on this matter are progressing satisfactorily.

Substantial progress has been made, according to the Minister, in the development of conference tourism, nautical tourism, and golf tourism with four more pitches operating and another two to be constructed later this year in Larnaca, on the south, and Paphos, on the west. There has been significant developments in the areas of sports tourism, cultural tourism and medical tourism, he noted.

In his speech, ACTA President Victor Mantovani stressed the importance of winter tourism in Cyprus, noting that geographical location, mild climate, short distances, history and tourist sites give Cyprus a competitive advantage. The Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) Chairman Alekos Orountiotis noted that tourism is one of the few remaining sectors that can contribute effectively to economic recovery.

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