The White Paper on the future of transport and the inclusion of air transport in the European Emissions Trading System were the main issues discussed during Thursday`s EU Council of Transport Ministers, in Luxembourg, in which Cyprus was represented by Minister of Communications and Works Erato Kozakou Markoullis.

Markoullis said that efforts should be made to force Turkey to lift the restrictions it imposes against Cyprus and hence the EU in the sectors of maritime and air transport, adding that the illegal Turkish embargo adversely affects transport with significant negative financial and environmental consequences.

Welcoming the White Paper, Markoullis said that it was of strategic importance, a roadmap that should guide the community and national actions. She also welcomed the fact that the White Paper recognises the international nature of transport and that effective action demanded tight international cooperation and regulations.

The maritime and air transport sectors, which are facing increasing challenges beyond the borders and control of the EU, need a careful policy on behalf of the EU member states to achieve convergences and legislative regulations on an international level, otherwise the competitiveness of EU transport will be at stake with detrimental political and economic repercussions, Markoullis added.

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