Demetrios Christodoulou, a mathematician and physicist at ETH Zurich, won the illustrious “Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences”. The award of “Asia’s Nobel Prize” honours Christodoulou’s contributions to differential geometry and to the general theory of relativity. His prize is worth $500,000 USD.
Demetrios Christodoulou, Professor of Mathematics and Physics at ETH Zurich, has won the “Shaw Prize in Mathematical Sciences”. According to the Shaw Prize Foundation in Hong Kong, Demetrios Christodoulou is being honoured for his highly innovative research work on non-linear partial differential equations in Lorentzian and Riemannian geometry and their applications to general relativity and topology.
Since 2004, the Shaw Prize Foundation has honored astronomers, life scientists and mathematicians who have achieved a significant scientific breakthrough that has resulted in a positive impact on mankind. The Foundation was established by Run Run Shaw, the founder of a major film company in Hong Kong.
A happy Demetrios Christodoulou says, “I feel very honoured, because the Shaw Prize is Asia’s Nobel Prize and, together with the Abel Prize, is the highest award available for mathematicians.” According to the publication Greek Cypriots World Wide , a directory of whos who Demetrios Christodoulou is born in Athens he has Grandfather who  is from Ayios Theodoros, Paphos and a Grandmother from Khirokitia.
Demetrios Christodoulou has taught and researched at ETH Zurich since 2001. His research focuses on partial differential equations and differential geometry in conjunction with the development of general relativity and fluid mechanics. His papers have already been honored several times in the past.  For example, he received the Otto Hahn Medal in 1981, the Bocher Memorial Prize of the American Mathematical Society in 1999 and the Tomalla Prize for Gravity Research in 2008.

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