Andrew Demetriou, head of Australian Football (AFL) , earns a salary six times higher than that of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The salary of Mr. Demetriou, from $ 560,000 in 2004, increased by 275% and reached $ 2,100,000 this year. The annual salary of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is $ 365,922.

The salary of Mr. Demetriou was a headline issue in the Australian press, as Australian Football players claim increases.

Everyone agreed that Demetriou played an important role so as to substantially increase revenues of AFL. However, players complain about this situation because as they say, while they attract the audience and the advertisers, their own wages may not rise above a certain rate and they want to assert a higher dividend. The salary of a player ranges from $184,000 to $226,000 per year and wages have increased by only 22.5%, when the salary of Mr. Demetriou has increased by 275%.

Source: Greek Reporter

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