There are some Cypriots who remain undaunted by playing in casinos in the occupied Northern Cyprus and staying there in hotels. According to the agency JCC, during the first four months of 2011. 
The agency JCC said  in January 2011 Cypriots had spent in casinos 110,000 euros, 66,000 euros in February (there was a marked decrease) in March and EUR 118,000 EUR 135,000 in April.  A total of 2,173 transactions were made with credit cards for the amount of 430,853 euros only in casinos. There are others who used cash or paid by cheques.

Others paid € 370.000 for the purchase of tickets to go to Turkey from the illegal airport of Tymbou

In addition to these amounts  Cypriots also spent during these months, € 628.929 for  stays at hotels in the occupied territories. . A total of 2,633 transactions were made with credit cards, which shows that many are  staying in the  occupied areas for weekend breaks and holidays.

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  1. I think that perhaps Greek Cypriots are getting complacent and comfortable with the occupation ? Today, here in England, in a town called Chelmsford in Essex, I saw a barber shop. It was called ‘The Turkish Barber Shop’ and had on its signage a depiction of Cyprus as if to say that all of it is Turkish. Shameful and very cheeky. I took a photo of it. So come on fellow Greek Cypriots let us have your feedback, we should let the Turkish Cypriots know we have not forgotten what they did in 1974. They invaded then and illegally occupied our Cyprus. No matter how many years go by and despite that it happened 37 years ago, it was wrong then and it is wrong now and they need to just LEAVE !

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