Since 1975 Venus have been keeping the bars of the finest UK Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs fully stocked. They are an independent, family run wine and spirit merchant, founded by Andy Chrysostomou and now run by Laki Christoforou, Chairman. They offer a personalised service and their friendly staff, many of whom have been with them since 1975, have the knowledge to help you choose the right products for your business.

They are the stockists of over 5,000 brands from luxury unique  drinks to branded drinks.

I could not resist to go and see their new premises in Unit 3, 62 Garman Road

London N17 0UT, they have been here since mid April.

My first impression on my visit to Venus’s cash and carry premises on this glorious morning was how big the warehouse was, enormous car parking space to go with it. I must have picked up a good day to visit with a two piece Caribbean band outside playing some great reggae beat music and a  Caribbean looking hut with nice cooking smells coming from there. As well as the music I was able to taste some Caribbean food, in this case Black beans with rice. I did not realise it was a promotion for  Chairman’s Reserve Rum. Apparently  Venus have promotions on a regular basis for different products.   

I made my way to the entrance again I could not believe how big the premises were. I was greeted by one of the Directors Lakis Michaelides who took me round , It must be paradise for the buyers, all the products can be seen very easily and placed neatly and very tempting to buy. Again there were promotions of products all over the building.

I asked a few of the customers about their shopping experience here, one said “It’s amazing how many different products are under one roof here”. Another couple said that the staff was very helpful.

After having a brief walk downstairs on the warehouse floor, I was taken to the offices up stairs.

Where Lakis introduced me to his fellow directors Lakis Christoforou and Christos Papaloizou. They gave me a brief on the company , Laki Christoforou told me that his Father Andreas was in the drinks business for several years and was brought up in this business.

From L/R Christos Papaloizou, Lakis Christoforou and Lakis Michaelides

I found the three directors very helpful and pleasant and was not surprised that they run a thriving business. It was a surprise for me though when I was told that they also own the retail shops Wine Rack  a well known company that they acquired in the last few years. They have twenty Wine Rack shops located in the London suburbs and looking to expand.

I left the premises with a good impression and if I was in the  drinks industry it be my first stopover.

When I got back to the office I made my way to the computer and looked up their website again easily  accessible most of the details of products and prices shown.

Venus Wine & Spirit

Unit 3,

62 Garman Road


London N17 0UT

Tel: 020 8801 0011

Web :

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