The Turkish side begins the work on shaping the results of a possible multilateral conference regarding the Cyprus problem. According to illegal Bayrak television (18.05.11, online), Kudret Ozersay, special representative of the Turkish Cypriot leader, has stated that the summit to be held between the leaders and the UN Secretary-General in July is a turning point for the Cyprus problem.

In statements yesterday from Berlin, he noted that the negotiations are heading towards “an important and critical stage”. He said the sides will take some steps during this process and added: “The sides can foresee from now what these steps will be. However, what is important is not to sit and wait or foresee, but to take initiatives, to take steps for shaping beforehand the steps to be taken”.

Assessing his contacts in Germany, Ozersay said they were positive and added that they are working to protect the rights and interests of the Turkish Cypriot side.

Meanwhile, under the title “Measures for the conference are being taken”, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis (18.05.11) reports that the Turkish Cypriot side begin the work on the results of the multilateral conference which is anticipated to be held regarding the Cyprus problem. The paper writes that the Turkish Cypriot side started working for “the necessary international steps to be taken after the multilateral conference”. The first part of these efforts is being made in Germany, notes the paper adding that these efforts are expected to be exerted in other countries as well. The paper writes that it is not a coincidence that these efforts started from Germany, because this country is one of the most important in the EU and could influence the Union.

According to the paper, during its contacts in Germany, the Turkish Cypriot side tries to “correct” the statements made by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her recent visit to Cyprus when she said that the Turkish side is intransigent.

The paper writes also that the ground for a give and take process will be prepared in the tripartite summit which most probably will be held in New York in July, “but the Greek Cypriot side tries to put preconditions for entering the give and take process”. Details for the tripartite summit are expected to be discussed during the meetings to be held in Cyprus within the next few days, reports Havadis.

Furthermore, the paper refers to the contacts of Ozersay in Germany and especially his meetings with high ranking officials from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs with whom he discussed “the stage of the negotiations for solving the Cyprus problem and the steps which could be taken jointly with the international community from now on”. Ozersay further met with the Turkish-German Legal Council, which was established last March, and discussed the legal aspects of the Cyprus problem.

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