Ozgurgun repeats the positions of the Turkish Cypriot sideTurkish Cypriot daily Gunes (26.05.11) reports that Huseyin Ozgurgun, self styled foreign minister of the breakaway regime, gave yesterday a lecture on the Cyprus problem titled: ‘The Cyprus problem and the latest developments at the negotiation process,’ at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

Ozgurgun repeated that their goal is to reach a solution until the end of the year, by increasing the momentum of the comprehensive negotiations after the elections in the Republic of Cyprus and also claimed that the Greek Cypriot side does not have any excuse in slowing down the process. He also said that general elections in Turkey must not be used as an excuse, “since they are not connected to the negotiation process,” and underlined the need to speed up before the tripartite meeting on the 7 July and the need to reach an understanding on many subjects in order for the meeting to be able to take place.

Ozgurgun also stated that the Cyprus policy of “motherland” Turkey is superior to each party’s policy; therefore irrespective of the election results, Turkey will pursue its goal for a solution until the end of the year. He also claimed in his speech that the Greek Cypriot side wants an open-ended process which has been going on for nearly half a century, because they want to protect the “illegal” Republic of Cyprus [as Ozgurgun referred to the Republic of Cyprus] and become sole members of the European Union. Ozgurgun said that “the Cyprus Turkish side will not be part of this stalling process” and repeated that if there is political will, especially by the Greek Cypriot side and leader, a fair and permanent solution can be reached by the end of the year.

Today Ozgurgun will go to the Turkish province of Kastamonu where he will give a lecture titled: ‘Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Cyprus’ at the Kastamonu University. He will also meet with the regional Governor, officials from the Trade and Industry Chamber and representatives from associations of families of war veterans. He will be giving the same lecture at the Ankara Atilim University on Friday.

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