Eroglu speaks in a conference in Sakarya; defends Turkey’s guarantees

Turkish Cypriot illegal Bayrak television (13.05.11, online) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu delivered a speech at a conference titled the “Cyprus Peace Operation with Cypriot War Veterans” at the Sakarya University, organized by the University and the Turkish War Veterans Association.

Addressing the conference, Eroglu said that the Turkish side wanted the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantees in Cyprus and a new partnership that is based on the existing realities on the island. He stated again that the continuation of Turkey’s active and effective guarantees in Cyprus is a red line for the Turkish Cypriots, and said that everyone is aware of Cyprus’s strategic importance for the region.

“Our aim is to create a new partnership based on a bizonal, bicommunal, political equal founding states in Cyprus” supported Eroglu who also met with the Sakarya Governor Mustafa Buyuk and with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Zeki Tocoglu.

Bayrak also reports (14.05.11, online) that Eroglu, speaking to the press during his contacts in Sakarya, noted that the Turkish side’s proposal for a time limit to the Cyprus negotiations will be put to the agenda of the tripartite meeting to be held in Geneva on the 4th of July. Eroglu reiterated that everyone will go on their way unless a solution is reached during that time limit. He also stated that it will be clear in the course of time whether the UN mission will continue or not in case of a failure to reach a solution in Cyprus.

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