POLICE WERE called to bring order to a school in the Nicosia district yesterday after pupils ran riot during celebrations to mark the end of the school year.

Things got a little out of hand during the end of year revelry at Archangelos gymnasium when around 250 pupils at 9am turned the school into a battlefield, throwing eggs, tomatoes, shaving cream and water balloons at each other.

The school’s security staff were unable to bring matters under control, leading to further chaos as pupils responded by breaking chairs and windows.

In an effort to remove them from the area, the school administration called buses early to the school to transport the riotous pupils. The move failed, resulting in police being called.

Some of the pupils then covered their faces and began throwing stones at the law enforcement officers. One 15-year-old was seen throwing a stone at a patrol car. When police went to arrest him, the teenager allegedly attacked the arresting officer. The 15-year-old was later charged and released for causing damage to the car and attacking an officer.

One school official said damage of around €2,200 was caused.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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