Rauf Denktas’ condition has improved but still criticalTurkish Cypriot daily Gunes (26.05.11) and the majority of the Turkish Cypriot newspapers report on the condition of Rauf Denktas. Although the former Turkish Cypriot leader’s condition has slightly improved, it is still critical. Doctors have said that despite the slight improvement to the paralysis in his left side, 72 hours must pass before they can give clear answers.

Many Turkish newspapers also cover the news on their websites. Turkish daily Hurriyet Daily News (25.05.11, online) reports on statements of the attending physician. “He is more reactive and faster … He can communicate quite comfortably … As I told you [Tuesday] there was no movement on his left side when he had first arrived, but after our tracking and early intervention, slight movements have begun on his left side. There is no worsening of the situation on his left,” Dr Amber Eker, a neurologist from “Near Eastern University Hospital”, said at a press conference he jointly hosted with Professor Erkan Kaptanoglu.

One of the blood vessels leading to Denktas’ brain was clogged due to the irregularity of his heartbeat, leaving a part of his brain without oxygen, Kaptanoglu said. This affected his consciousness and paralyzed his left side. Following medical intervention, however, his primary blood vessel opened up and his left side began to recover some movement, Kaptanoglu added. He added that Denktas’ condition is still dangerous but that the possibility of another disruption in his heartbeat is a distant prospect at the moment. Every passing hour works in Denktas’ favour, Kaptanoglu said. Dr Eker added, however, that it was still difficult to predict how Denktas’ health would be in the future.

Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu paid a second visit to Denktas and met with him for about 20 minutes. Eroglu said they did not talk about the Cyprus problem when asked about the matter by a journalist.

Furthermore, Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes (26.05.11) reports that top Cypriot politicians, including Denktas’ rivals, as well as many members of the judiciary, the Turkish Armed Forces and ordinary citizens have all signed a guestbook that was placed in the hospital for Denktas. Among the visitors was also former Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, the “ambassador” of Turkey Halil Ibrahim Akca, and the Sheikh of Lefka who was escorted by many followers who said that they will pray for Denktas. The British Residents Society, a group of U.K. citizens who live in the occupied area, has also announced they will pray at their church every day for Denktas’ health.

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