The meeting between UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus will take place on July 4 in Geneva.

President Demetris Christofias, who met Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglou on Thursday, in the framework of direct negotiations on the Cyprus problem, said that during today’s meeting he submitted a proposal on the competencies of the federal police and the joint Investigation Authority and expects the reaction of the Turkish Cypriot side.

He said he has asked to discuss issues concerning the Geneva meeting and its agenda “including the various rumors for give and take”.

“My wish is for each side to explain what give and take means. There can be no talks without give and take. But give and take on what issues. We have to clarify this,” he noted.

He noted that he also clarified the position of the Greek Cypriot side that any thoughts on an international conference “must ripen and be implemented only when we are close to an agreement on all other issues of internal governance.”

Christofias said that the conference must be multi-lateral, under the UN auspices, with the involvement of the UN Security Council permanent members, interested parties and the guarantor powers (Greece, Britain and Turkey).

He noted that they will discuss the process before July 4, when the meeting takes place in Geneva.

Asked if they discussed the agenda of the meeting, Christofias said that as interested parties “we have a say concerning the agenda” and “it is not only for the Secretary General who will decide about the agenda.”

Invited to say if Eroglu expressed his views on Christofias’ positions concerning the international conference and the give and take process, the President said that it was confirmed once again that they have different views.

The President also said that he will confer with political parties before he g

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