President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias in a message in view of parliamentary elections to take place Sunday stresses that “elections are the highest moment of democracy and citizens with their vote express freely their views and make their choices“.

Christofias describes the exercise of the right to vote as a guarantee for the smooth function of democracy and its institutions.

He also notes that the House of Representatives for the composition of which citizens are called to vote tomorrow is an institution of exceptional significance.

“I call on all to proceed to the ballot boxes and to exercise their sacred right of vote. Do not let others to decide for you“, says President Christofias in his message.

Let us prove in these elections, he adds, that our people show interest and actively participate in the political life and assert role and say in the present and the future of our homeland and our society.

Furthermore, President Christofias says in his message that the government and the competent state departments have worked intensively and systematically for many months to ensure smooth elections

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