Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis (05.05.11) reports that Halil Ibrahim Akca, self-styled ambassador of Turkey to the occupied part of Lefkosia, has stated that the main aim of Turkey is for the administration in the occupied part of Cyprus to be more efficient and self-sufficient and the community to live in peace and security.

In statements during a visit yesterday to Havadis, Akca said that the economic and social structure in the occupied area of Cyprus was established according to the resources sent by Turkey and when these resources do not come, those living in this structure worry that they will remain jobless.

Akca said that the Cyprus problem is an important issue in Turkey’s foreign policy and added: “Turkey has come to a point of doing more courageous things here. This should be utilized as an opportunity”.

Referring to the statements regarding the uncontrolled flow of population from Turkey to the occupied part of Cyprus, Akca said he believed that the number of the population in occupied Cyprus is 285 thousand as the so-called state planning organization (“DPO”) has announced. He noted that he held various meetings with the “DPO” and discussed its methods. He argued that the number given by the “DPO” is correct and that minor changes might exist, but this number reflects the truth. He alleged that the population could definitely not be twice as much and added: “We also want a population census to be conducted. After so many discussions, let the census be conducted even if it is not its time. Some speculations also exist regarding the prices. We have conducted a study with academicians. TRNC is by 22.7% more expensive. There are some sectors which are by 60% more expensive?”

Akca said the economic planning in the occupied area of Cyprus is conducted taking into consideration that the population is 285 thousand. He noted that a three-year “protocol’ was signed between Turkey and the breakaway regime and that Ankara will not give even a penny more than the sum provided for in that protocol as aid to the regime. He accused the “government” of the regime of searching ways to change the sum of this aid. “Excuses are created for this. The rallies are a result of this”, he argued. He said the self-styled ministers of education and health have used such pretexts because they exceeded their budget last year. Referring to “prime minister” Kucuk’s statements regarding the population in occupied Cyprus, Akca said the discussions on the population are related with the financial discipline.

Referring to the issue of the “citizenship” of the regime, Akca said 13 thousand persons have acquired the right of becoming “citizens” and that only 5.800 persons have applied for taking the “citizenship”. He noted that 29.500 persons from Turkey are employed in the occupied area of Cyprus with work “permit”. Akca said 42.000 persons were employed in the occupied area with work “permit” in 2006. He argued: “It is said that these persons have families as well and that the number is higher. All these are assumptions?There are persons who are unregistered of course. There are persons who entered into this place as tourists with no work permit. We also have complains on the issue of these persons. What should be done regarding them is to comply with the three protocols signed between the two countries. The incident which is discussed recently and it is said that the ambassador interfered, is related with behaviours which are contrary to the protocols. They tried to send away persons who worked here for 15 years with work permit when these persons remained unemployed for one month?”

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