Omonia celebrated winning the  Cup for the 13th time in its history but they made a difficult job of it, by beating Apollon after a  penalty shootout held in the GSZ Stadium.
A historic success for the team Neophytos Larkou, who lifted his first trophy in his coaching career . The hero of the night is Omonia keeper Anthony Giorgallidi who saved  two penalties ( from Stavros and Semedo).

Omonia were worthy winners. Omonia, led 1-0 with a goals from Michalis Konstantinou in the  13 ‘, but all  credit to  Apollon who never gave up and manage to equalise in the 85th minute.. But the defeat not only  leaves Apollon Limassol empty handed but no European competition as their place in Europe goes to AEK.

Fast pace, passion and restlessness marked the first half of the final, with Omonia scoring early with goals from Michalis Konstantinou in the 13th minute.  Apollon nearly  scored a minute earlier with  Atorno the shoot which  Giorgallidis saved. but the Greens took advantage. πάσα. Omonia used the tactics of counter-attacks and  at times,  Omonia maintained made rapid attacks, and nearly scored a second goal, with Lua Lua
 Apollon pushed Omonia back, and managed to score  with an own goal by Elias Charalambous, who in his attempt to clear the ball sent the ball into his own net. Both teams struggled in extra time and both teams seem to be suffering from  fatigue
APOLLON: Svalovsky, Merkis, Neva, Lopez, Morris (58 ‘Semedo), Kinderos (33’ Nunez), Erise, Bagkoura, Kosofski (73 ‘Kosofski) Atorno, Mirtakovits. 
Omonia: Giorgallidis, Davidson, Karipidis (77 ‘Ventzel), Charalambous, Avraam, Leandro, Agkouiar, Makrides, Aloneftis (94’ Roueda), Lua Lua (58 ‘Ephrem), Constantinou.

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