The illegal regime will reportedly cooperate with the UN for a population census

Turkish Cypriot daily Ortam (12.05.11) reports that the breakaway regime has started working on carrying out a population census in cooperation with the United Nations. Citing information obtained by illegal TAK news agency, a high ranking expert from the UN Population Fund visited yesterday Kudret Ozersay, the Turkish Cypriot leader’s special representative.

According to the paper, the method of the cooperation with the UN during the population census scheduled to be carried out soon in the occupied area of Cyprus and the technical assistance which will be provided (by the UN) were discussed at the meeting. The technical details of the issue will be discussed in depth at a meeting today between the UN expert and officials of the so-called state planning organization (“DPO”). According to the paper, these contacts are expected to continue and be intensified within the framework of the preparations until the population census.

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