Eroglu: “TRNC is able to survive thanks to the support of motherland Turkey”Turkish Cypriot illegal Bayrak television (15.05.11, online) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, addressed a “TRNC promotional night” at Turkan Saylan Cultural Center in Maltepe Municipality, Istanbul. Eroglu said that this event allowed the “TRNC” and Turkey to embrace one another and reminded that the “Cyprus Turkish people” had spent a lifetime trying to unite with their brothers.

“We were able to unite with our brothers on the 20th of July 1974 and with the support of motherland Turkey we have reached where we are today”, claimed Eroglu and reminded that the Cyprus cause was a national cause for Turkey since 1955 and Turkey has been meticulously working on it ever since.

Furthermore Eroglu claimed: “At the end of many years of struggle a state was established by the Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus. [?] We are working towards overcoming the problems being experienced by the state. [?] We were able to survive, despite the imposed embargoes, thanks to the support given by Turkey.”

Eroglu also highlighted that the promises given by the EU regarding the “embargoes” had not been kept and accused the EU that trying to impose an additional protocol in Cyprus is nothing more than a double standard.

He continued to explain that the “TRNC” and Turkey were in solidarity and searching for a solution that would protect the rights and interests of Turkey and the “TRNC”. Eroglu concluded his speech by pointing to the importance of Turkey declaring 2011 as the year of “North Cyprus tourism”.

Moreover, Eroglu upon his return to the occupied area claimed, according to Turkish Cypriot daily Ortam (16.05.11), that such visits and conferences are important because they can isolate the different voices that appear from time to time and the “Turkish Cypriot voice” to be heard in Turkey

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