Kucuk reacts to Turkish Cypriots participating in the Cypriot parliamentary electionsTurkish Cypriot daily Kibris (21.05.11, online) reports that Irsen Kucuk, self styled prime minister of the breakaway regime, has said that the inclusion of Turkish Cypriots, who will vote in the elections in “south” Cyprus and are also enlisted in the “TRNC” electoral catalogue is unconstitutional.

In a statement through the “prime minister’s office”, he recalled a press report that 544 Turkish Cypriots, who are believed to live in south Cyprus, will vote in the Greek Cypriot elections on 22 May and said: “Considering that one has to be a permanent resident to vote in the elections in the south and that, according to our constitution, a person has to live in the TRNC for three years to have the right to elect or be elected, the inclusion of those, who will vote in south Cyprus, in the TRNC electoral catalogue will be unconstitutional. In view of the importance of the matter, I wish to stress that I believe the High Election Council will finalize its investigation and make the necessary arrangements in a short time.”

 Serdar Denktas criticizes the Turkish Cypriot voters of the May 22 parliamentary elections

Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris (21.05.11) reported on a written statement by the leader of the Democratic Party (DP) Serdar Denktas criticizing the Turkish Cypriots voters of the parliamentary elections in Cyprus. In his statement, Denktas demanded that those who will vote in the elections on May 22 should be deleted from the “electoral catalogue” in the occupied area, and added that the “high electoral council” should examine the issue. Referring to a name list of the Turkish Cypriots voters published in a Turkish Cypriot newspaper (Yeni Volkan 20-21.05.11), Denktas, inter alia, noted that if the “government” does not have these names in its hands, it could have them from the newspaper.

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