Under the title “Postponement for the negotiations on the property”, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis (05.05.11) alleges that the negotiations on the property issue planned to be held in New York “have been prevented because of tricks of the Greek Cypriot side on the day of the negotiations”. Citing diplomatic sources, Havadis argues that the Greek Cypriot side, showing as pretext the elections to be held on May 22, exerted pressures on the United Nations so that the property experts from the two communities do not meet with UN experts in New York. According to the paper, the UN worried after this development and was forced to postpone the meetings with the Turkish Cypriot experts who were preparing to depart from the island to participate in the meeting next week. The same diplomatic sources said the negotiations are conducted with a “Cypriot-led process” and therefore the UN is obliged to make a step backwards when it does not obtain the consent of both sides. The sources argued that this creates doubts on whether this “Cypriot-led process” is “an innocent process”. Moreover, citing reliable sources, the paper reports that the UN is disappointed from the recent process. It is said that the plan was for concrete progress to be achieved at a technical level on the property issue and for this progress to be registered at the three-party summit to be held in New York on 22 June. The target was also for progress to be registered on the issues of the international agreements, the police and the property at technical level during the above-mentioned meeting. The paper writes that it was expected that this would prepare the ground for a give and take process.

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