NEPOMAK highlighted in US Diaspora study as a successful example of youth Diaspora network

 NEPOMAK has been highlighted as a successful example of a youth Diaspora network, in a major US study on Diaspora organisations “Diaspora Matters – Strategy Toolkit”.

The research commissioned by Hillary Clinton for a Diaspora Forum in the USA and conducted by the Irelands Fund, sought to bring together best practises from Diaspora organisations around the world and highlight the work of successful Diaspora organisations.

Particular reference was made to the reach of NEPOMAK’s network around the world, as it connects with over 15,000 young Cypriots; the multiple touchpoints that members have with NEPOMAK; the variety of events and programmes; and the support Cyprus offers to NEPOMAK.

The “Strategy Toolkit” is part of a renewed focus by the US State Department on the importance of Diaspora communities. With over 215 million people living in a country other than the one they were born in, Diasporas are becoming increasingly important, and NEPOMAK is playing a full role.

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