Eroglu accuses President Christofias of having excessive demands in the Cyprus talksTurkish Cypriot daily Gunes (30.05.11) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has claimed that President Christofias is “the representative of a mentality having excessive demands which the Turkish Cypriot side could not accept” at the Cyprus talks.

In statements on Saturday during a festival in occupied Agios Amvrosios village, Eroglu said that agreements are reached with mutual give and take and reiterated the allegation that his wish is to sign an agreement which will be securing a happy, peaceful and secure life to the “TRNC people”. Otherwise, he added, the agreement will not be “a treaty, but a demolition of the TRNC state, a disaster for the Turkish Cypriot people”.

Eroglu alleged that the Turkish Cypriots have given him the duty of making an agreement with which they will be living in security within the “borders” of the “TRNC” having equal and same rights with the Greek Cypriots and being under the guarantee of Turkey. He said he will continue the negotiations having in mind this duty and argued that an agreement could be reached if the other side wants it.

Eroglu recalled that MPs from occupied Keryneia area were also elected during the parliamentary elections held in the government-controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus last week. He said that great and important developments and changes happened in occupied Keryneia area since the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. He noted that the non-agricultural land abandoned by the Greek Cypriots is full with villas now and alleged: “With the settlement of people coming from various countries in this area, the messages given by the TRNC to the world have also changed”.

Finally, Gunes writes that folkloric dance groups from the Russian Republic of Komi, the Russian Republic of Bashkordostan, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and the Republic of Congo are participating in the festival which will end on 5 June.

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