Cyprus stands ready to lend its political support to the Palestinian people, Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcos Kyprianou said here on Thursday, expressing hope that Wednesday`s reconciliation agreement between Palestinian groups Fatah and Hamas “marks a new page in the efforts for comprehensive peace in the Middle East.“

In a written statement, Kyprianou notes that “Cyprus is following with great interest the agreement reached between the leaders of Fatah and Hamas in Cairo yesterday, which paves the way for the forming of an interim Palestinian Government,“ adding that “Palestinian unity is fundamental to the efforts for securing a sustainable and lasting peace with Israel.“

He recalled that the EU has consistently called for peace and reconciliation, under the authority of President Abbas, leading to an end to the division between the West Bank and Gaza.

“Cyprus, as stated in the December 2010 Conclusions of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, believes that urgent progress is needed towards a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,“ the Cypriot Minister notes, adding that “we want to see the state of Israel and a sovereign, independent, democratic, contiguous and viable state of Palestine living side by side in peace and security.“

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  1. George W Heads says:

    It’s me again! I have just been informed by the press that the UK is sending 10 fighter bombers to Acrotiri Cyprus.
    Not only have they told the whole world and its enemies that, but have specifically told ISIS that they are going to bomb them from there. Now I may be old and decrepit but mybrain still works. Cyprus is not a stones throw away from Syria, if the IS have or get access to short range missiles Cyprus will get the first one! They won’t bother if they don’t reach Acrotiri the allies are killing more civilians than troops or insurgents and events in Paris speaks volumes. Why should France the UK or any other country get in Americas wars? They can NOT afford another protracted war, but neither can anyone else. America and Israel are the cause of all this we should leave them to it and keep ourselves safe. If someone is bullying you you do NOT aggrevate them by poking them with sticks!

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