Cypriots go to the polls on Sunday to elect the 56 members of the new House of Representatives, who will serve a five-year term. This is the tenth parliamentary poll since the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960.

In an interview with CNA, Head of the Election Service Demetris Demetriou said that the final results are expected to be announced by 2200 local time (1900 GMT), with regard to the share of the vote each political party or coalition of parties or independent candidates secure. The number of parliamentary seats per electoral district, as allocated in the first distribution of seats, is also expected to be announced before midnight Sunday.

The counting of votes will take place at the polling stations as soon as voting is completed. The first results are expected to come from Paphos where there are 30 small polling stations, each with around 40 voters.

According to Demetriou, a total of 531,136 persons will vote in Sunday`s elections, namely 191,517 for Nicosia Electoral District, 109,294 for Limassol, 107,913 for Famagusta, 53,598 for Larnaca, 40,534 for Paphos and 28,280 for Kyrenia. Nicosia elects 20 MPs, Limassol 12, Famagusta 11, Larnaca 6, Paphos 4 and Kyrenia 3.

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