The government is in close contact with all European Food and Health authorities and is receiving all necessary information, advice and guidelines regarding the E Coli outbreak in Germany, Head of the Cyprus Centre for Infectious Diseases, Chrystalla Hadjianastasiou has said.

Invited by CNA to comment on the recent E Coli outbreak in Germany, where 276 people were affected and two lost their lives, Hadjianastasiou said that “no case has been reported in Cyprus, we are in close contact and cooperation with the European authorities and we are monitoring the situation”.

“So far it is not clear whether Spanish cucumbers may be the source of E Coli outbreak”, she said, noting that “it is a bit strange that no such case has been recorded in Spain itself”, whereas there were cases recorded in Northern Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark and UK.

Replying to a question, she said that “we do not think it’ s appropriate to issue travel advice for Germany and we just urge people who plan to travel to Germany or to any of the above mentioned countries to be extra cautious and should they have any symptoms to get in touch with their doctors immediately”.

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