Cypriot League 2 Turkish Federation League 0

Great game loads of fans hundreds from both sets of communities all joyful and very friendly came out for the Interleague Final of the LFA and what a game it was with end to end action. Within ten minutes KOPA had a good chance with Richard Georgiou who tried to lob the keeper with a great shot from outside the box. They then had another chance minutes later when Nick Salapata from one of his runs he crossed the ball into the penalty area only a tap in from Richard Worral would have been enough to score. At this point  the game could have gone either way both teams had the same amount of possession but KOPA was more direct. The second half the Turkish League came out full steam, they had two one to one chances with Nick Christofi the keeper who both times brilliantly saved  at the feet of the Turkish striker. And it took the last ten minutes of the second half for a break through  after a Turkish defender made an error to allow Kopa striker Richard Worral through one to one with the Keeper to slide the ball past him making it one nil.

The pressure was now on the Turkish team to equalise and were pressurising the KOPA team with no avail and left themselves open for counter attacks which the Cypriots took advantage in the 80th minute when a great through ball by Paul Yiannakas to Kyri Kyprianou left Kyri to speed past the last defender and smash it past the Turkish keeper.

Final score two nil this was the Cypriot League’s 13th LFA Cup win since the tournament began in 1923.

The Cup was awarded to the Cypriot League Captain Nick Christofi by the President of the London Football Association Interleague Cup Stan Nathan. I must congratulate the Turkish Federation for their sportsmanship after the players  being awarded the runners up medals they stood in line to congratulate the winning team and shake the hand of every  individual Cypriot player.

The game will be shown on RIK TV in Cyprus and will also be shown on RIK satellite that will be seen in the UK, USA and Australia and other countries that receive the RIK satellite service. That is great news for the players to be seen on TV in Cyprus I’m sure all the Coaches and scouts from Cyprus will be watching. This game has had a lot of coverage from the Cyprus press, radio and TV  and support from the  Cyprus Sports Association in Cyprus and not forget support from the local press and media.

It was great to see when the Cypriot League Captain Nick Christofi was being interviewed by the Cyprus TV he mentioned a big thank you to them.

The Parikiaki Newspaper congratulates the Cypriot team on a great win and especially to the management team of Manager, Tom Loizou, Assist Manager Chris Kalli, Coach Paul Mcgiven and Physio Jack Demetriou. Also to the sponsors of the Cypriot League YVA Solicitors.

Cypriot League Squad : Nick Christofi, Andy Loizou, Theo Daniels, Grant Cooper, Vas Soteriou, Richard Georgiou, Paul Yiannakas, Alex Dyer, Nick Salapatas, Richard Worral, George Gregoriou, Kyri Kyprianou, Andy Anastasiou, Dean Fenton, Anthony Manoli

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