The event will feature Children Championship and Seminars in Aikido, Martial Arts & self-defense, Tai chi as well as special seminars for beginners. It is scheduled to take place at Arsinoe Hotel, Limassol from 12th to 14th May 2011.

The Event program will include the disciplines of Aikido, self-defense, Yoga, Tai Chi, safety awareness and basic defense skills for all.

The Seminars will be taught by 5 Distinguished Aikido & Martial Arts Chief Instructors:

Sensei Vaclav Liska 7 Dan, Sensei Agis Agisilaou 5 Dan, Sensei P. Patrick 5 Dan from UK, Sensei D. Baileys 4 Dan, Sensei Hrubcova Eva 3 Dan

Event Schedule: 12th & 13th May 2011: Aikido, Self defense & Martial Arts Seminars for beginners and advanced. Registration is required.

14th May 2010: Demonstrations by 5 Masters and athletes from various countries who will display their abilities in Aikido, self-defense, Tai Chi & Martial Arts. Demonstrations Entrance EUR10.

The Cyprus Aikido Federation, the National Coach Sensei Agis Agisilaou and The Martial Arts Academy would like to express their thanks towards all sponsors and PARIKIAKI for their support and contribution, which help to the big success of that annual Aikido and Martial Arts Event at Limassol Cyprus.

For registration, forms and demonstration tickets please contact the Federation by e-mail to:

 [email protected]  or telephones: 7000-7474, 00357-99625974

Web sites:  ,

Questions for interview with National Coach of Aikido – SENSEI AGIS AGISLAOU


The Japanese martial art of Aikido holds widespread appeal because of its effectives as a method of self-defense without requiring great physical strength.  Sensei Agis Agisilaou offers us insight into this AIKIDO Art. Sensei Agis is the National Coach of the Cyprus Aikido Federation and the Chief Instructor of the Martial Arts Academy and the first to introduce Aikido to Cyprus a decade ago.

 What does Aikido mean?

Aikido is a compound word meaning method or way (do), harmony (ai) of mental energy or spirit (ki).

Traditional Aikido was developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba in Japan. It strives to effectively harness and develop all of a person’s powers, both physical and mental (spiritual).

  1. 1.    What sets Aikido apart from other martial arts?

The feature that distinguishes Aikido is that beginners don’t require a high level of fitness or strength to practice it. That’s the underlying reason why Aikido is so popular among young children, girls and women, not only in our Academy, but around the world. Naturally, physical fitness is enhanced through practicing Aikido.

For instance, kids in class practice breathing and stretching exercises, falls and self-defense techniques enabling them to turn an opponent’s own power against them.

Kids also learn how to work together with a partner in class. Aikido helps them with their coordination, balance, power and speed as well as discipline and respect.

  1. 2.    What is the main reason to choose Aikido?
  • Aikido teaches non-violent techniques to control even armed attackers
  • The techniques are powerful yet fluid. They help focus a practitioner’s energy and to channel it through dynamic techniques.
  • Children can especially benefit from Aikido which emphasises utilizing an opponent’s strength to neutralize him/her instead of punching or kicking techniques.


  1. 3.    How many years have you been involved with Aikido and Martial Arts in general?

I started martial arts lessons at the age of five. I have been involved in Martial Arts for 30 years and have been an official Martial Arts and Aikido instructor and examiner since 1999.

  1. 4.    Where did you study Aikido and Martial Arts?
  2. 5.    How popular is Aikido in Cyprus?
  • I have trained extensively in Japan, England, Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic with world-renowned Japanese and European chief instructors

When I first introduced Aikido to Cyprus a decade ago, nobody knew about Aikido. Thanks to a determined and extensive promotional campaign coupled with demonstrations and numerous international Aikido events, these efforts have started paying off.

13.  What can we look forward to in terms of international events organized by the Cyprus Aikido Federation?

Building on the success of six previous International Aikido events organized by the Martial Arts Academy, the Cyprus Aikido Federation is pleased to host the 7th International Aikido Event.

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