CTP and TDP organized a rally on the 7th anniversary of the referendum on the Annan PlanTurkish Cypriot daily Kibris (26.04.11) reports that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and the Social Democracy Party (TDP) organized a rally last night (Monday) at Inonu Square in the occupied part of Lefkosia on the occasion of the 7th anniversary from the referendum on the Annan Plan. According to the paper, the aim of the rally was to “support the will exhibited during the referendum” and “show that the will for a solution in Cyprus continues”. The paper writes that approximately 2.000 persons participated in the rally.

Former Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat was among the participants in the rally, who shouted slogans such as “Peace in Cyprus cannot be prevented” and “Unity, struggle, solidarity”. Other Turkish or Greek Cypriot parties except CTP were not represented in the rally.

Addressing the rally, Mehmet Cakici, chairman of the TDP, said the Turkish Cypriot “people” never bowed in front of anyone for their freedom and added that they will insistently keep alive their wish for peace, solution, agreement and a federal Cyprus. He urged all sides, and especially the three guarantor powers, to contribute to the solution in Cyprus.

In his address, Ferdi Sabit Soyer, chairman of the CTP, said they should not be defeated by the fatigue and disappointment created after the referendum and noted that they should continue their way. He criticized Dervis Eroglu because before the partial lifting of the restrictions on the freedom of movement in Cyprus he was saying that “if the barricades open, the Turks will lose everything”. Soyer said they want a federal Cyprus. He argued that those who oppose to an agreement and peace in Cyprus will be crushed under the peaceful and dynamic power of the Turkish Cypriots, which will force the Greek Cypriots also to accept peace.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen (26.04.11) refers to the rally on its front page under the title “In the name of a United Cyprus” and publishes full-page colored pictures from the rally. In other pages, the paper writes that “thousands of people” gathered at the square and “shouted to the whole world their belief in the solution, peace and democracy”.

Moreover, Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika (26.04.11) covers the issue under the front-page title “Fiasco at Inonu Square”. The paper writes that flags of Turkey and the breakaway regime were carried at the rally and that CTP and TDP could not gather even 2.000 persons.

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