Eroglu’s statements after his meeting with President ChristofiasAccording to illegal Bayrak (online, 27.04.11), Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu said that he could comfortably say that convergences had been reached during his meeting with President Christofias on the internal aspects of security and international agreements. Eroglu also drew attention to the fact that the Greek Cypriot side had entered a sensitive period, particularly on statements, due to the upcoming elections in “south Cyprus” on May 22.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the meeting with President Demetris Christofias within the framework of the negotiation process, Eroglu said that convergences had been reached on the internal aspects of security and international agreements. Recalling that his next meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader will be next Thursday on May 5, Eroglu said that they will try to complete this issue following more discussions on the issue at the technical level.

He said that during the meeting, he had also brought up the opening of a new crossing point at Apliki, near occupied Lefka.

Pointing out that the elections atmosphere was continuing in the “south”, Eroglu said: “The south is going through a sensitive period which is why I do not want to make too many comments. I believe that some of the misreporting or wrong comments are the result of the election atmosphere in the south,” he added.

Asked whether the Greek Cypriot side’s latest military preparations along the border had come up at today’s meeting, Eroglu said that the issue had come up and that Christofias had told him that the statement was made by a commander and not himself. He expressed the view that he will be able to discuss such issues in more detail with the Greek Cypriot leader once the elections in the “south” are over.

Asked to comment on the latest statements made by the Greek Cypriot Archbishop, Eroglu said that such statements were in contradiction with secularism. “The south is less secular than we are. We too have religious representatives but they do not see themselves as leaders of society. It seems that the Greek Cypriot Archbishop sees himself as so,” he added.

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