Vice President of the European Court of Human Rights Christos Rozakis said on Wednesday that Turkey cannot interfere in issues concerning Cyprus` exclusive economic zone in its southern seas, adding that Turkey has never claimed to have rights in the zone which has been delimitated with Egypt and Israel.

Addressing journalists at a meeting in Nicosia, Rozakis said Turkey`s main argument was that the delimitation has taken place without the involvement of the Turkish Cypriots and that it was legally impossible for Turkey to block the exploration of minerals in the southern seas of Cyprus.

He added that Turkey was not able to intervene as it was cut off by the zones of Lebanon and Syria.

“Cyprus has the advantage of having between Turkey zones with Lebanon and Syria, which have their own zones. There is no way Turkey could come and say that the area you have delimitated with Egypt and Israel is an area that belongs to us,“ he pointed out, adding the Cyprus` difference with Greece was that it had zones free from Turkish influence.

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