A TALA development appears to be sliding down the hillside it is built on, prompting police to close the road, diverting traffic from the area.

The development – of 14 units, villas and apartments, of which only four have been sold – is situated along the main road leading to the Kamares village development in Paphos.

President of the Paphos branch of the Cyprus Civil Engineers and Architects association, Chrysostomos Italos recently visited the development, which has remained unfinished for a number of years.

“I saw there is no danger to the public at this time or for people using this road but it is necessary for specialists/civil engineers to investigate the situation in more detail and special efforts should be taken to ensure the buildings will be safe for ever,” he said.

Italos pointed out that building on a cliff side is not usually dangerous as long as all of the correct procedures are followed.

“We are all very shocked that this has happened and distressed and concerned for our customers,” commented customer service administrator at Top properties, Anthoulla Christou. Tremetoushiotis Developers Ltd was responsible for the construction of the development, and they operate under the umbrella of Top Properties.

Christou confirmed two of the properties are inhabited, but the owners are currently abroad.

“We have contacted them to inform them of the situation; of course they are unable to live in the properties until all of the studies have been completed and the problems rectified.”

However she said Tremetoushiotis Developers were not to blame for the construction sliding downwards but said it was due to “movement in the mountain”.

“It’s not just our development that has been affected, properties above and around have also experienced problems,” she said. In addition, a large crack has appeared in the tarmac on the road surface below.

According to one resident, who lives close to the troubled development, Tala Council’s engineer will investigate the matter further. In addition, he said that subsidence is visible in at least two of the properties and cracks have appeared in the road below the development, which is a busy hub for traffic to and from Kamares village.

Italos said that similar cliff side development in Pissouri village resulted in three houses collapsing.

Concerned residents and motorists are questioning what steps can be taken to ensue the area is made safe.

Italos underlined the importance of finding out what has caused the buildings to slip, as the soil under this development is not clay.

He said, “The property should be protected from rainwater and underground water close by and also around the land .Water should be diverted away from the footings.”

He said that with further investigation, and with the cooperation of the developer along with the authorities, the problem would soon be solved.

Christou added, “The matter is now in the hands of the authorities and we will wait to see what the outcome is. If the situation can be rectified, we will of course do so.”

Source: Cyprus Mail

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