Fresh plans for the building in the High Road, which has lain empty for almost 10 months, include retaining the treasured Edwardian facade while boosting the number of holding cells inside and giving the interior a much-needed revamp.

Police say work is needed at the venue in the heart of Haringey so officers do not have to travel too far to find available cell space. And having investigation teams based in the same place will also make tackling crime speedier and more efficient, they say.

A scheme in 2008 to demolish the site and erect a modern four storey custody centre and patrol base in its place was roundly criticised by both heritage groups and residents.

The dark-tinted ceramic frontage and part four-storey design was described at the time as “unacceptable” and “out of keeping” and the planning application was eventually withdrawn by the Metropolitan Police.

But with a revived plan to freshen up the historic facade and retain the building’s shell, police chiefs hope their vision for a revamped police station will prove a better fit for the community.

Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Sandra Looby said: “Bringing the investigation teams and custody together in the same building would help us significantly improve the way we police the borough, free up arresting officers to spend more time on the streets, provide a better working environment for our staff and officers and help make Haringey safer for residents.

“It would also allow us to give a new lease of life to the former Wood Green police station, which we are keen to maintain as an important landmark in the borough and as part of the policing estate in Haringey.”

Details about the proposed plans will be revealed at a public exhibition on Friday, May 6, from 4-8pm, and on Saturday, May 7, from 10am-4pm, on the site of the former Wood Green police station at 347 High Road.

They will also be made available online from Friday at

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