The Greek Cypriot Association of Wales have been awarded £47.500.00 towards their plans for an extension to the recently build Greek Cypriot Community Hall in Cardiff,
The monies are to be spent not only enlarging part of the main hall, but making the kitchen 2.5 meters longer as well as a new cooker and other new equipment to make the kitchen easier to use.
The money comes from Cardiff County Council through a European Funding Grant to enhance the buildings of the local area. Michael Costas-Michal a former Councilor and Trustee said “this money will help the GCAW make the best use of the space and give a better service not only to the Greek Cypriot Community, but also to the other groups that use our community centre”.
The GCAW have also agreed for the town’s Community Centre users to relocate into their centre as part of the new building works that the council are undertaking.
Over the past couple of months the Greek Cypriot Association of Wales Centre has been used by a wide range of ethnic groups including the Somalli Education Group, the Yemeni Women’s Group, The Muslim Welfare Association as well as the Cardiff Communities First Ethnic Team for regular meetings.
As part of the agreement with Cardiff County Council ,the GCAW have made their centre available to all other groups who wish to use it and the additional income helps with the running costs of the centre. As well as all of the above, the GCAW has now started adult Greek Dancing classes as well as Adult Greek Language Lessons to go with the other functions already provided.
It’s only been just over one year since the centre was officially opened by Cyprus Government Official spokesman, Stephanos Stephanou and the centre is being use more than ever.

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