Eroglu wants two equal and sovereign founding “states” in CyprusTurkish Cypriot daily Gunes (27.04.11) reports that the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has said that at the negotiating table, the Turkish Cypriot side supports the model of two equal and sovereign founding “states” within their “constitutional borders”.

In his address yesterday on the occasion of the one year from his “election” to the leadership of the Turkish Cypriot community, Eroglu noted that the main philosophy he adopts at the negotiations is the establishment of “a permanent and viable new partnership in Cyprus with political equality and two equal founding states under the active and effective guarantees of Turkey and taking into consideration the existing realities on the island”.

Eroglu reiterated the allegation that “two separate peoples and two separate states” exist in Cyprus and added that with the support of Turkey, the Turkish Cypriots established their own “state”.

He also alleged: “The only way of finding a lasting solution in Cyprus passes through taking into consideration what happened during the 48-year long period that passed and these realities that came up. In this context, we support the model of two equal and sovereign founding states within their constitutional borders. We want the powers which the founding states did not transfer to the partnership to remain in them. On the other hand, we put forward a model which includes the concept of territorial integrity and the police of the founding states will secure the law, order and public safety so as the founding states to be able to provide their own security in the future and protect their countries if necessary?”

Eroglu argued that that he is not sitting at the negotiating table only for the sake of negotiations, but he has the aim of finding a lasting and viable new partnership where the rights of the Turkish Cypriot “people” will be protected.

Eroglu claimed that efforts had been exerted for creating a wrong image about him when he came on duty and added that this image has changed. As proof for this, he said, are the reports submitted by the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council in November and February.

Eroglu said he knows that the Turkish Cypriots begin to lose hope that a solution will be reached and added that a concrete and comprehensive agreement should come up and therefore a timetable is needed.

Eroglu claimed that it is inevitable for the possible new partnership to include some elements which will be contrary to the EU laws and added that these derogations should be very careful to secure the viability of the new partnership and the benefits of the Turkish Cypriots.

Referring to the property issue, Eroglu said that it is the first time that it has been discussed in such detail. He said that both sides had laid down proposals something which is useful; however, he alleged that the Greek Cypriot approach did not allow any progress and that it neglects the UN principle of bi-zonality.

Eroglu added that although progress has been noted before the Geneva meeting of 26th of January in the chapters of Economy and EU, the general understanding was that we have not achieved enough convergence, thus slowing down significantly the negotiation process. He also alleged that they went to Geneva, and laid down their proposals, however the opportunity was lost and now the Greek Cypriot side is under a prevailing election atmosphere.

Eroglu reiterated that they will not accept any distinctions between the “TRNC citizens” nor they will accept certain numbers, thus depriving some “TRNC citizens” from the citizenship of the new common state.

He also said that during his term he always does his best in order to promote healthy relations with “motherland” Turkey and supported that the preservation and development of the “flesh and nail” relationship with the “motherland” is to the best interest of the “state and the people.”

Furthermore, Eroglu, on the occasion of completing one year as the leader of the Turkish Cypriots, gave a reception yesterday evening to press representatives. “I naturally attach importance to regional peace and general interests of humanity, but I give priority to our national interests,” Eroglu told reporters

Eroglu alleged that the Greek Cypriots still imagine returning to days before 1974 and said that he would continue to defend the Turkish Cypriots’ rights with determination and patience. “The Greek Cypriots still think that the Republic of Cyprus will be maintained, and imagine that they can spread their sovereignty that exists in the south of the island to the entire island. We can reach nowhere with this understanding,” Eroglu claimed.

He also claimed that if the Greek Cypriots were ready to reach an agreement on the existing realities on the island, the two parties could launch intensive initiatives with a timeframe and reach a solution. “However, we should go on exerting efforts with patience and determination in order to make the Greek Cypriot administration and the world acknowledge our rights, and if we are right–we are certainly hundred percent right– we will be successful sooner or later,” Eroglu also claimed.

Eroglu referred also to the economic difficulties experienced in the occupied part of Cyprus and said that these affect the social peace and therefore their strength in the negotiations. For this reason, their first issue should be to overcome the economic difficulties and to protect their relationship with Turkey from provocateurs, since this is strategic and vital.

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