Illegal Bayrak television (28.04.11, online) broadcast that the Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has reiterated that Turkey’s active and effective guarantees are red lines for the Turkish Cypriot side.

Within the framework of his contacts in Adana, Eroglu gave yesterday a conference on Cyprus within the scope of the conferences under the title “Turkey discusses its future”, which are organized by the Cukurova Young Businessmen Association and the Cukurova Branch of the Turkish-American Businessmen Association.

Gokhan Gokten, president of Cukurova Branch of the Turkish-American Businessmen Association, said they follow closely the problems both in Turkey and the occupied area of Cyprus, and wished success to Eroglu during the Cyprus talks.

Hakan Celik, president of Cukurova Young Businessmen Association, said the breakaway regime’s officials should establish closer relations with the businessmen of their neighbouring areas in Turkey.

In his address, Eroglu talked about the historical process of the Cyprus problem and complained about the non-solution and the so-called embargoes allegedly implemented on the Turkish Cypriots. He argued that the solution in Cyprus should be reached according to the conditions which exist today. He reiterated the Turkish allegation that the promises given to the Turkish side during the Annan Plan period were not kept.

Referring to the issue of the population which is discussed at the ongoing negotiations, Eroglu argued that President Christofias wants to make discriminations among the “TRNC citizens”, but he will not permit this.

Eroglu alleged that there is no difference between the Turks from Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots and claimed: “Christofias wants to show his anger against Turkey and on our citizens who immigrated to Cyprus from Turkey”.

Referring to the chapters discussed at the negotiations, Eroglu alleged that problems are created by the Greek Cypriot side regarding the rights of the “old owners”, as he described the legal owners of the occupied Greek Cypriot properties. Referring to the chapter of the territory, he said the Turkish Cypriot side wants only few people to be displaced. He reiterated the allegation that the Greek Cypriot side rejected the “practical plan” he submitted in Geneva and added that the UN Secretary-General invited the leaders to a new summit. “The UN is at the stage of taking decisions”, he said.

Eroglu reiterated that the Turkish side wants a solution based on two sovereign founding “states” with equal status and evident “borders”. He argued that the Turkish Cypriots “will not be out in the cold”, if no solution is found.

Eroglu accused the Greek Cypriot side of using delaying tactics and added: “My people are tired of these negotiations”. He argued that President Christofias also says he is tired of the negotiations.

Eroglu said that the economy is the most important problem of the breakaway regime and added that investors from Turkey could significantly contribute to the solution of this issue.

Asked whether a solution based on two separate “states” is difficult, Eroglu said it is difficult to discuss this when the negotiations continue. He added that every day that passes it is further understood that the efforts for unifying the two “separate states” will be unsuccessful.

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