President of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias has said that the Cyprus problem will be solved, and expressed hope that peace in the region would start being implemented from Cyprus.

Addressing the congregation on Saturday night at the church of Saint George in Kellaki village, for the Easter liturgy, President Christofias said “the Resurrection brings life-giving messages, the message of the triumph of life over death, love for life, and peace over war.“

“I wish to believe that tonight we were not brought here due to tradition alone, but that we will proceed and we will carry with us all year round the messages of the Resurrection, peace and love, unity in this country. It must mean the Resurrection of our homeland, for peace to triumph in our country, to reunify the island and justify the sacrifices of our dead, to justify our missing persons, our enclaved and the people as a whole, who are waiting and suffering for so many years,“ he said.

President Christofias sent everyone “a message of love and respect,“ adding that “the Cyprus problem will be solved, despite the fact that our region is in flames.“

“I wish, hope and believe that peace in the region will start to be implemented from this sacred land, our Cyprus,“ he said.



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