Cyprus’ proposal to make regional health cooperation an EU trio presidency priority has been accepted by both Poland and Denmark, said here today Minister of Health Christos Patsalides, after a meeting he had with Polish and Danish officials, who are here for a presidency preparatory meeting.

“I am particularly happy that our positions and proposals have been accepted and will be part of the priorities”, he said, adding that “this will mean that they will also be discussed on an EU level and we hope decisions will also be made”.

Explaining the issue further, Patsalides said it relates to co-operation and the creation of networks with neighbouring countries in case of a pandemic or other infectious diseases.

Cyprus, he said, can act as a bridge between the countries of the region and Europe, noting that at meetings he has had with his counterparts in the region it was evident that they would welcome an initiative which will bring them closer to Europe as regards health issues.

Referring to the EU trio presidency, he recalled that Poland is to take over the EU presidency in June 2011 expressing at the same time his satisfaction that this meeting is the last one to take place before the presidency begins.

Patsalides also said that cooperation between the three countries has been excellent.



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